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7th Mountain Festival 2022

February 6, 2023

The 7th International Mountain Festival that took place in International Mountain Museum, Ratopairo, Pokhara was a two-day festival that was held on Dec 10th & 11th under the theme “Women move Mountains”, put major emphasis on enhancing knowledge about mountain environment, biological diversity & natural resources that played an important role in the creating awareness of the mountaineering tourism amongst the people. Since Dec 11th is celebrated as the “International Mountain Day” by the United Nations, the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) has been celebrating the annual mountain festival for 7 years.

The two-day festival which was scheduled from 8:00am-4:00 pm, witnessed the inclusion of diverse people including the locals, national & international tourists. The festival included everything from handicraft items to local food stalls. Not only the people were found enjoying the archery & Chhelo, but they were also seen enjoying the dance performances and the exhibition of mountain documentaries. With this, Makalu e Traders also had the opportunity to introduce the Nepalese brands, Raeko & Nirvana during the festival.

The stall included the display of various products such as jackets, bags, tops, trekking pants ,sleeping bags, down suites & many other items. The altitude cards ,buffs & books from Musa Masala were also seen garnering the interest of the people during the festival. Additionally, the brochure from Wongchhu Peak Promotion that includes the attractive trekking & climbing destinations in Nepal, kept the local guides & tourists engaged.

“We are very glad to see the Nepalese brands come up with such great product quality. It makes us feel proud and I’ll make sure to put efforts from our ends in order to promote it,” said Mr. Dhananjay Regmi , the CEO of Nepal Tourism Board, after trying out few of the items from our brands. The amount of interest the brands collected from the the visitors gave us an immense pleasure in sharing the back story of how the brands came into life.

Raeko , is a Nepalese brand founded by a group of young entrepreneurs in 2014 with the goal to fulfill quality outdoor gears in Nepal .The brand is dedicated in producing qualitative products.

Nirvana , is another Nepalese brand which came to life after years of experience in Adventure-Sport Industry established in 2018 with the idea of simplifying outdoor gears and comfort being the prime target . The brand also collaborates with organizations/ charities which indulges actively in social , health & education awareness in Nepal .

Thanks to Nepalese Mountaineering Association (NMA), for this wonderful opportunity. We truly appreciate everyone for trusting our quality and choosing our products .The love & support we’ve received from the people during the event has encouraged us in becoming hopeful to be able to promote our Nepalese brand internationally in near future.

Picture source: Makalu e Traders

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