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Raeko Expedition Down Suit

April 10, 2023


For anyone attempting to climb the world’s tallest peaks, it can mean the difference between a successful climb and a life-threatening situation.

Founded in 2014 , “Raeko” is a Nepalese brand founded by a group of young entrepreneurs with the goal to fulfill the lack of quality outdoor gears in Nepal . The brand is dedicated in producing qualitative products. Over the years, the brand has garnered the trust of the locals and is loved for the value they provide along with their products. Aside from producing different seasonal outdoor wears, one of their most talked about product is Raeko Down Suit.

Designed specifically for high altitude mountaineering expedition above 8000 meters(26247 feet), Raeko Expedition Down Suit is made of a lightweight and durable outer shell material that is waterproof and windproof, with an inner lining filled with insulating down feathers to keep the wearer warm. The down suit is designed to be breathable to prevent the buildup of moisture inside, which can cause the wearer to become chilled. The insulation layer of the  Raeko 8000 meter expedition down suit is made from high-quality goose down, which provides excellent insulation properties while also being lightweight and compressible. An 8000 meter down suit is a specialized suit designed for high-altitude mountaineering or expeditions to the world’s tallest peaks, where temperatures can drop to -40°C or below.


Outer Fabric: Nylon

Inner Fabric: Silky Taffeta

Filling: 700 Goose Down

Temperature: -40°C

Proudly Made in Nepal

Trusted and tested in the Himalayas from beginners to professional climbers, the Raeko down suit is water-resistant, which will help protect you from rain, snow, and other moisture. The suit is designed to be durable and can withstand the rigors of mountaineering. Additionally, the Raeko down suit is designed to have adjustable cuffs, waist, and hood to help you get a snug fit, which is essential for warmth and comfort during mountain climbing.

Overall, the Raeko down suit is an excellent choice for mountaineers looking for a reliable, high-quality, and durable down suit. Its good fit and the brand reputation makes it a popular choice among climbers.

Photo Source: Wongchhu Peak Promotion

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